Rava%20Adai India food cooking recipe

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Authentic Indian Food Cusine Recipe:
Rava Adai
Ingredients :
Rava /Semolina : 2 cups
Tomato : 2 chopped
Geen chillies : 2 medium
Ginger : 1 ” piece
Salt to taste
Curry leave
Sour buttermilk or yoghurt : 1 cup
Method / Directions :
In a mixing bowl add up all the ingredients together and make into a semi-solid batter. Add some water in case the batter is too solid as it should be a liquidy consistency. Now, in a hot tava (or a regular frying pan), place a handful of batter into the middle of the tava and spread it into a circle and flattening it. Pour oil and fry the adai on both the sides till it becomes lightly browned and crispy. This Adai is good as an evening snack or great for a morning breakfast treat. Serve with pickle and raita. (optional)
- submitted by Shankar 10/2007

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