Bise Bela Bhath India food cooking recipe

RICE – Bise Bela Bhath India food cooking recipe. Read more for recipe and related videos clips.

Indian Food Cusine Cooking Recipe : Bise Bela Bhath
Ingredients :
2 cups dal
4 cups rice
12 tsp dhaniya
½ cup coconut
4 tsp urad dal
6 tsp chana dal
10 red chillies
1 onion, finely chopped
cooked vegetables
(carrot, beans, peas, potato)
Method :
Cook dal along with rice. Fry dhaniya with ½ cup of coconut
Take the red chillies and grind them properly.
Heat some oil and put onion and curry leaves.
Then put cooked vegetables like carrot beans , peas, potato.
Put the ground curry paste and then put the cooked rice.
Allow them cook for at least 20 minutes.

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